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            • Category:Multi-multi-stage fermenter (stainless steel)

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            • Date:2015/04/14
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            Product Details Introduction


              5L5 linked stainless steel fermentation tanks    BLBIO-5SJ-5


            50L3聯發酵罐 BLBIO-50SJA-3

            50L3 Union fermenter   BLBIO-50SJA-3

              With  more than one fermenter (the same volume or different volumes  available) composed of a conjoined system, may be suitable for parallel  orthogonal experiments provide the most optimized way to process  research and shorten study of valuable time. The key is that this device configuration parameters repeatability better.
            Nominal Capacity: 5 l / 10 l / 20 l / 30 l / 50 l / 100 l / 500 l
            Diameter height ratio: 1: 2-3; liquid filling factor: 70%

            Tank:  The main material is stainless steel 316L tank, the tank no dead ends;  seed fermenter with a dedicated sampling pipes, discharge valve, shift. Using  a large tank level perspective endoscopic observation, 12V safety  depends on light, with temperature, PH, DO, foaming, liquid interface,  vaccination mouth, feeding the mouth, and a number of alternate ports,  all welds sturdy neat appearance .
            Tank: design pressure 0.35Mpa jacket: design pressure 0.3Mpa,  optimized diversion designed to improve the uniformity of the exchange  efficiency and tank temperature

            Tank  features: John Crane mechanical seals, intake sterile filter, exhaust  condenser, including air intake system distributor, flame inoculation  mouth (also doghouse and cleaning the mouth), the discharge opening,  sampling ports, feeding mouth; five electrode automatic control parameters are: PH  electrode, DO electrode, anti-foaming electrode, temperature probe  mouth; every four cans were automatically controlled peristaltic pump up  the acid / base / bubble enemy / training agents;

            Motor: fermentation tank dedicated AC motor, ensure that the motor can operate in harsh environments;
            Ventilation:  The way deep ventilation, rotameter display, adjust the gas flow, the  air tank is uniform gas distribution according to process requirements;  using precision 0.2μm sterilizing filter (Dominica or Shanghai Yiming),  anti- material backflow devices to ensure the safety and greatly extend the service life;

            Mixing system: mechanical mixing system, SEW AC motor, Fuji inverter
            Stir form: straight blade impeller (two) pitched blade impeller (a),  mechanical compression type defoaming paddle (a), four-speed material  plate;
            Fermentation pH control: using intelligent PID control, dedicated Mettler PH electrode;

            DO degree of fermentation control: using intelligent PID control, dedicated Mettler DO electrode;
            Temperature  control: electric heating, water cooling, circulating pump loop  temperature control, air and water supply for self-escape function,  over-temperature protection, with good heat exchange efficiency;  intelligent control module not only ensures rapid temperature control  but also realize energy .

            Feeding:  complete feeding system (acids, alkalis, bubble enemy, training  agents), can be time quantitative feeding; four peristaltic pump can  select sub-set respectively in the control interface, convenient and  flexible in actual use. With a specially designed feeding pins to ensure safe operation of feeding;

            BLBIO-B  or C control system: Siemens S7-200 series PLC control system + 10 "LCD  touch screen display operation, on-site direct operation (menu-driven),  the entire Chinese menu and interface; sampling and display tank data,  system data browsing analysis, the read setting controls stirring speed, temperature, medium tank, Ph value, DO value.;

            You can set the temperature, speed, Ph value, DO value, the upper and lower limits and have overrun alarm functions;
            With ultra-fluid level alarm and automatic function, with super-bubble level alarm and automatically add defoamers function;
            All alarms can be recorded incidents inspection;

            Speed, temperature, Ph value, DO values, etc., and can be set to automatically shut down;
            Tank medium temperature, stirring speed, Ph, DO and other  parameters can be set in accordance with process requirements piecewise  curve control;
            Each parameter has a PID adjustment process shows, such as the  set value, real value, PID set value, upper and lower limit value curve  display, manual / automatic switch, online setting, etc.;

            Historical data and curves of various parameters can be stored  for many years, real-time curve during a power outage can re-boot of the  restoration;
            Friendly interface, you can switch the monitor screen dozen;
            Feeding with metering function; time quantitative feeding;

            System associated with a variety of control: control speed  associated with dissolved oxygen, and dissolved oxygen associated with  the control of feeding, feeding the ph value of the associated control  and so on;
            Real-time display system having a running process, data recording, data analysis
            Parameters  of the detection and control loops can be manually set and fixed in  line on the screen, can be temperature, DO, PH sensor tuning adjustment,  calibration of each peristaltic pump flow; operation have password  protection, password into the operator and administrator-level password;

            Automatically record fermenter boot time, shutdown time, the number of automatic run-time power, power outages, call time;
            Software system with adaptive ability and self-diagnostic capabilities;
            Working volume: 5L, 7L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 100L ,,,,, 10000L
            Control system and the fermenter volume can be any combination, convenient and flexible

            Add optional features items:

            b  feeding tank weighing scales weighing W d e air flow automatically  controlled oxygen tank pressure bypass detection f g h online testing  redox potential A (b) alcohol content online testing and control I  exhaust O2, CO2 content of online testing A automatic sterilization function C tank automatic cleaning function U lid automatically upgrade function

            Model Comments: BLBIO- XABC-D
            X- tank total volume:
            A- tank materials: -G: Glass / -S: stainless steel tank -V animal cell vaccine -C -M enzyme reactor tank
            B- Transmission: -C: magnetic drive mechanical stirring / -J Direct  drive mechanical agitation / -Q -S solid flow stir stir -G provide light
            C - add optional features -A automatic sterilization - inaction manual  manual situ sterilization sterilization -U -Y glass lid automatically  upgrade
            D  - -A controller model for industrial control computer + Control Module -  inaction B controller, for my company for floor-standard controllers -C  10 inches LCD touch screen + PLC -D 15-inch LCD touch screen + Siemens  PLC + imports Transmitters

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