How to Choose Cotton Clothing, and Cotton Quilt Cover

The cotton fabric is a kind of textile which is made of cotton as raw material and is interwoven with the warp and weft yarns in the textile machine. Cotton fabrics come in a wide variety of products, including clothing (canada goose jacket sale) and bedding (weighted blanket for children), which are novel in style and color.

According to the dyeing method, it can be divided into plain cotton cloth, dyed cotton cloth and printed cotton cloth; it can also be divided into plain cloth, twill cloth and woven cloth according to the fabric structure.

Cotton Classification:

  • Natural white cloth: fine cloth, coarse cloth, canvas, twill grey cloth, primary color cloth.
  • Color cloth: vulcanized blue cloth, vulcanized ink cloth, blue lining cloth, gray lining cloth, poplin fabric.
  • Flower cloth: It is a cloth printed with various colors and patterns. Such as: Plain Weave Fabric, Printed Denim Fabric, Serge.

Cotton Fabric Features